Processing item

We will be able to deal with a wide range of processing items from various alloys to composite materials.


Steel for press mold
Carbon tool steel SK105
Alloy tool steel SKS93/SKS3/SKD1/SKD11/SKD12
High-speed tool steel SKH51/SKH55/SKH57
Powder metal high-speed tool steel SKH40
Steel for plastic mold
Prehardened steel SC/SCM440/SUS
Quenched and tempered steel SKS93/SKS3/SKD61/SKD1/SKD11/SKD11/SKD12SKH51/SUS

Precision machinery component・Precision tool・trial product component

General steel
Rolled steel for ordinary structure SS400
Polish steel SS400D
Carbon steel for machine structure S45C/S50C
Carbon tool steel SKS93/SK4/SK5
Chrome molybdenum steel SCM435/SCM415/SCM420
High carbon-chromium bearing steel SUJ2
Stainless steel
Austenitic SUS303/SUS304
Martensitic steel SUS410
Copper alloy
Brass plate C2801P
Free-cutting brass C3604BD
Aluminum alloy
Al-Cu A2011/A2017
Al-Mg A5052/A5056
Al-Mg-Si A6061/A6063
Al-Zn-Mg A7075
Cast and wrought product / Copper alloy casting product
Gray cast iron (3) FC200
Gray cast iron (4) FC250
Spheroidal graphite cast iron (4) FCD600
Bronze cast (6) BC6
Steel pipe
Carbon steel material for piping SGP
Carbon steel for pressure piping STPG370
Carbon steel for machine structure STKM
Brass seamless pipe C2700T
Nickel alloy
Corrosion-resistance Nickel201
Heat-resistance Inconel600/Inconel601/Inconel625/Inconel718
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