High quality produced by assured technology and passion

Komai Kousakusho offers precision machinery components and press mold from their designing to trial production/processing/assembling by one-stop quick delivery. For wire electrical discharge machining, NC milling, and machining, we will respond to our customers' requirements with our assured technology executed by our employees with the first class of the national skill examination and our technician's passion for manufacturing. You can consult us for a smaller lot, trial product, and specified processing product with us.

Creating a work place for people-friendly

"People build a company" is a famous word from the late Mr. Kounosuke Matsushita and the word has been treated as important word at our company since our president has worked at Panasonic Electric Works Laboratory. We believe the people with rich humanity will accomplish a great job by their human nature. Although a core of our company services is a product manufacturing, we also focus on not only achieving a technology but also fostering great people and work place with the human nature. Sense (Sensibility) means a power to sense. We would like to create a work place in where our employees can establish or create their sense as craftworkers (=ability to sense the mind of our customers or people who deal with our products). Hopefully we can extend the influence of "Creating work place for people-friendly" from within outward.

Wish to be a professional in the specified area

Our employees will execute their jobs with passion and confidence as professional = master in the specified area. The unchanged company spirit from the establishment reaches to all employees and each employee actively deals with the improvement of his/her skill. Our company establishes the master system or leaning system for improving/succeeding a hand skill technology as not being covered by machine progress; therefore, we assist our employees for acquiring the national skill qualification and dealing with technical improvement.

Challenge to unlimited technology

Komai Kousakusho supports a desire and aspiring mind of the masters.
The company has been offering the company building to be a place of the national skill examination in Shiga prefecture for over 20 years as hoping to vitalize a sprit of manufacturing in the region while the company encourages its employees to take the examination.

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